As a photographer, mini sessions are great because it allows me to set aside a specific date to host families and couples that are looking to grab a few updated images to document a moment in time. Mini sessions move quickly and are super high-energy (for me at least).

During mini sessions, I like to create a nice balance of posed and playful images so that we can capture the classic family photo with a few candid photos in-between.

I’m fortunate enough to bring on a second-shooter for my mini sessions this year (more on that later). Because of the benefit of a second-shooter, I’m breaking up how I host mini sessions. I’ll have time slots for families with children that need a brief warmup, and then I’ll be having mini sessions for families that can just jump right into the action.

How will it work for families requiring a warmup?

We’ll start off a little bit slower to get everyone acclimated to the scenery and situation. The schedule will allow for a full 30 minutes with the hope of getting the shots that you’re looking for. As I mentioned in my blog post about Great Expectations, “embrace what comes, the wind, the rain, the laughter, whatever unfolds”. Because of the time constraints, these sessions will have a slightly higher price; however, the session will be discounted compared to my standard 30-minute session. The benefit for me is that I can jump from family to family without worrying about relocating and additional gas mileage.

How will it work for families who can jump right in?

These families should be ready to go! Ask yourself, can my family follow instructions well without being told multiple times? If so, then this is the perfect fit for you! We’ll work together to get the traditional family photos out of the way so that we can focus on capturing those fun family moments that show your true personalities.

What should everyone expect?

Everyone should expect to have fun! I work quickly so this will not be an agonizing experience for you and your family. Swearsies.

I start booking mini sessions a month in advance, so be on the lookout for the following release dates:

  • Spring: Signup begins on February 19th
  • Fall: Signup begins on September 3rd
  • Christmas: Singup begins on October 1st

As always, feel free to message me if you have any questions! I’m available on Facebook and Instagram or by email.


P.S. This beautiful location is LeWallen Farms. I highly recommend visiting if you haven't already.