What is it like to have a photo session with me?

Well, in case you didn't see it on my homepage, I’m an Enneagram 7, Wing 6 and a Myers Briggs ENFJ.

Basically, be prepared for me to gas you up and laugh together. A lot of laughter. I love to provide feedback in real time, so you will hear a lot of “yessssssss” and “wow, this lighting is fiiiiire”. Think of me as your personal cheerleader.

People often ask what they need to do to be prepared for their session, so here’s a quick little guide to help set the tone.


Relax, unwind, choose to do what you love on the day of your shoot. For example, I take care of charging my camera, checking my memory cards, etc. the night before a shoot so that I can relax. On the day of a shoot, I pray and sing the whole way to the location (my playlist varies from Praise & Worship to Beyoncé’s Homecoming album). Prayer gives me peace and clarity while music helps set the tone to make sure that I’m bringing the right energy to each session.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a shoot absolutely frazzled and rushed and disconnected. If you’re able to take the morning off, do it. Give yourself lots of time to get to the location so you don’t feel stressed on arrival.


Wear something you feel awesome and beautiful in. Ensure its an outfit you’ve worn before and you know its comfortable. I typically tell my clients to choose a color palette with neutral tones (example below) so that you can coordinate without trying too hard.


Embrace what comes, the wind, the rain, the laughter, whatever unfolds. Every shoot is unique, and we have no set agenda. It’s all about YOU and capturing your personality exactly how it is on the day of your shoot. I always have poses and suggestions on hand to help provide art direction, and I always allow my clients to peek behind the camera to see how everything is translating in camera.

Here is a sample

color palette.

Use this color palette as a guide for outfit planning. Another thing to note is that patterns are perfectly fine! If one of you is going to wear a pattern, I recommend the other person dressing in solids to ensure that clashing does not occur.

Some great examples of how the color palette can be executed throughout your shoot.