How it started

Taylor reached out to me a few weeks ago to take photos of Olivia's reaction when he proposed. We came up with a plan for a model call for Olivia + Taylor to promote an upcoming event that I am definitely not going to (but would love to) host at Lewallen Farms.

The expectation: Taylor and Olivia would show up super in love and we would capture content for Amber + I to promote for our upcoming event. I created a mood board on Pinterest to set expectations for the day to come.

I requested the Taylor + Olivia sign a model contract, and thankfully they both obliged! I still feel extremely guilty for all of the deceit, but it worked out in the end 😉

How It Went

Special Thanks

I knew that we needed to bring in reinforcements to make this happen, and thankfully Jacob + Kaitlyn were available and willing to help!

They pulled their own furniture to create the mood while also providing guidance behind the scenes to throw Olivia off our scent.

Also, a huge shoutout to Kelly + Lewallen Farms for giving us the opportunity to shoot on their beautiful property!