Editorial & WEDDING photography

Hi, my name is

Skylar Sperin

Photographer and Media Strategist

I'm a Media Strategist and a Photographer drawing inspiration from human connection and personal relationships. I've worked in digital advertising for 10 years with an emphasis on all things social. I started out my career creating social content, managing and maintaining pages for local brands. Since then, I've transitioned into a Media Strategy role where I focus on guiding brands to drive the best performance results to improve their ROI.

I am well acquainted with travel and tourism.

The TL;DR on my experience

  • Managed online communities, fostering positive interactions and building strong relationships with guests and followers
  • Created and curated compelling content, including text, images, and videos, to resonate with brand
  • Monitored social media channels for trends, mentions, and feedback, responding promptly to comments and inquiries.
  • Implemented social media campaigns, contests, and promotions to drive user participation and brand loyalty.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including marketing, customer support, and legal, to ensure consistent messaging and a unified brand voice.

My greatest achieving piece of organic content

was an Instagram Reel featuring a behind-the-scenes setup of a details flat lay for a wedding. The single video had


377 Likes | 19 Comments | 21 Shares

Why it worked

My audience loves bts content because it brings them into the creative process. The groom wrote, recorded and performed a song for his bride on their wedding day. I took the opportunity to layer the sound over the video to commemorate their day.

more of my photography work

storytelling through little moments

personal projects that bring me joy